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Pure Silk Pillowcase Set

Sale: $85.00
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Size Dimensions Sale
Standard 21" x 32" $85.00
King 21" x 42" $95.00

Pure Silk Pillowcase Set - Product Details:

Contrary to popular belief, enjoying luxurious things is not a sin. Ok, maybe your very own Lear jet might be considered excessive, but a pair of habotai silk pillowcases is really more of an investment than an indulgence. One that if properly cared for can last a lifetime. Soft and incredibly comfortable, habotai silk has a textured finish unlike the slippery feel of charmeuse silk. Rest your head on habotai silk, so the story goes, and you'll have fewer wrinkles and wake up without bed head. These pillowcases make a thoughtful wedding gift.

Standard - Set of two - 21" x 32"
King- Set of two - 21" x 42"

Easy Care - Machine wash, cool water, gentle cycle, silk-friendly soap. Air or machine dry on low.